TecDocOEM.com,a fraud-free B2B Platform to display qualified auto parts suppliers/Manufacturers.

It can be pretty challenging to attract people to your exhibition stand. This is because you usually have your competitors side by side with you; common B2B marketplace is full of scammers, buyers always try to avoid fake online suppliers, while brand suppliers are frustrated to differentiate themselves from inferior competitors.

Be TecDoc Data Supplier, Give Buyers Peace of Mind

Take factors into consideration, TecDoc bear the responsibility to keep the platform fraud-free, that is, only Tecdoc Certified Data Supplier can access to publish information. This would enhance buyers'confidence to trade with TecDoc suppliers.


With high hopes to meet qualified suppliers, Global Purchasing Manager Justin travels long way from England to China, but face the fact that there are millions of suppliers online.

It is a time-consuming job to locate matching suppliers. To minimize risk, Justin investigates every potential supplier but is disappointed to find most of them are small factories, or trade firms, can not meet even his lowest requirements.


Because of understanding of buyers' worries, TecDoc is enabled to develope TecDoc Data Supplier Standard on basis of surveying international consensus among the experts in the field. Achieving TecDoc certification help suppliers to maximize its brand exposure, help buyers to reach qualified manufacturers with their products as well.

To become a TecDoc Certified Data Supplier, your business must meet the following requirements and assessed by an authorized third-party body such as TUV.

TecDoc Global Promotion, A Seal You Can Trust

Based on TecDoc specific needs and practical realities, the dedicated team of experienced experts have planned, built and aligned the brand, represented the most out of TecDoc, and promoted to the real auto parts world over 45 countries and regions, with TecDoc DVD published to more than 34 countries and regions . Thanks to their distinctive and sophisticated work, qualified manufacturers in TecDoc are able to access more opportunities, meet more international buyers and gain more trust.

TecDoc DVD Promotion and Online Advertising, to Enters over 34 countries and regions

TecDoc, the Preferred Choice of International Buyers

Through years of experience and constant branding , TecDoc has collected over 120,000 buyers' information, among which 30,000 are choosed to be our VIP clients with real time update service. We provide a range of services to help these global active buyers for doing business with China and become a reliable partner of them. With the unique advantage, TecDoc established long term relationships with multinational automobile manufacturers, dealers, aftermarket chains, middle/large sized repair factories, etc., whom are keen to place quantity orders with our Data Suppliers.

Long Standing Relationships with Extraordinary Exporters

Only those in accordance with TecDoc standard can be awarded the certification, all of them are large/middle sized manufacturers, and most have long term close relationships with TecDoc.